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GnuDIP Dynamic DNS

The GnuDIP software implements a Dynamic IP DNS service.

It provides client machines with a static DNS name even if their IP address is dynamically assigned.

GnuDIP 2.3.x Web Page

The portable web site for release 2.3.x of GnuDIP, comprising the GnuDIP servers and bundled clients is in gnudip-www/.

Here are some short cuts into it:

Legacy GnuDIP Downloads and Notes

There is a page with pre-2.2.0 downloads and notes in legacy/.

GnuDIP Client for Windows

This SourceForge site also hosts a web page for an open source GnuDIP Windows GUI client.

It is in dynclient/.

User Submitted Patches

SourceForge supports the submission of patches by third parties. At the time of writing, someone has done this for GnuDIP.

Such patches may be obtained or submitted at

Mail Folders with Subfolders for UW-IMAP

This is completely unrelated to GnuDIP. See the imap/patch/README. A tar ball is available in imap.

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