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  • 09/22/2000
GnuDIP Windows Client! - We now have a fully functional windows client! Get it in the download section! Thank Ryan Wahle for his VB work on this.
  • 06/01/2000
GnuDIP 2.1.2 RPMS - download them from our download site. Thanks to Jason Spangler!
  • 05/09/2000
GnuDIP 2.1.2 - download it from our download site.
  • 01/24/2000
DynDNS Updater v. 3.0 - DynDNS Updater v. 3.0 includes GnuDIP support for windows. There is a free trial version at Anyone want to build a free one?
  • 10/16/1999
X-GnuDIP2 1.2 - Latest X client for GnuDIP 2.1.0. Go get it. screenshot
  • 11/04/1999
GnuDIP 2.1.1 - download it from our download site.
  • 10/02/1999
GnuDIP 2.1.0! - Go download it from our download site. Yes, after the LONG wait its finally available. Test, use, break, report bugs... X client will be ready soon. If somebody feels nice, make me a windows client. Thats now possible since it used MD5 instead of crypt().
  • 9/03/1999
GnuDIP 2.1.0 command line client - The command line client is now avaliable for download from our download site. This SHOULD be the same as the one that will go into the 2.1.0 release package. It is made available now so the people relying in the command line client can use GnuDIP.
  • 3/15/1999
X-GnuDIP2 Debian Package - X-GnuDIP2 Debian Linux package is now available for download from our download site.
  • 3/14/1999
GnuDIP Debian Package - GnuDIP Debian Linux package is now available for download from our download site.
  • 3/10/1999
GnuDIP 2.0.6 - Fixed a possible security hole. Added better perl lib directory search apon install
  • 3/01/1999
GnuDIP 2.0.5 - Better logging support. Fixed a few minor bugs. New central configuration file. People updating from an older release need to read the UPDATE file
  • 2/20/1999
GnuDIP 2.0.4 - Fixed some named bugs, added wild cards for restricted usernames and has option for custom header at login screen
  • 2/20/1999
X-GnuDIP2 1.1 - A GTK client for GnuDIP. Supports Offline mode for GnuDIP servers >= 2.0.3. Get it here (screenshot)
  • 2/13/1999
GnuDIP 2.0.3 - Added offline functionality and Self registration
  • 2/08/1999
GnuDIP 2.0.2 - Fixed bugs in the install script
  • 2/08/1999
GnuDIP Mailing List - To subscribe send a message to with "subscribe gnudip-list" in the body.
  • 2/06/1999
X-GnuDIP2 1.0! - A GTK client for GnuDIP. Initial release
  • 2/05/1999
New Website - GnuDIP has a new web site thanks to Cory Robertson
  • 1/25/1999
GnuDIP 2.0.1 Released - This is a complete rewrite and we now feel this is a professional application

Change Log

GnuDIP 1.0. This version was a test version to see if we were actually able to make happen what we wanted to happen. This version was unable to return a message to clients if authentication was successful or not, but basic dynamic DNS was functional.
GnuDIP 2.0.1. This was a total rewrite of GnuDIP 1.0. Clients and servers are NOT backwards compatible. We are still using the same idea of zone file rewriting, but have implemented a queuing feature to avoid name server overload. This version also feature s a multi-threaded server so it should be plenty speedy. No more code directly invoked by users is suid root. Now there is a root crontab that checks the queue directly. We have also taken as many steps as we could to simplify installation and configuration. T here are some pretty nifty features in the web interface. We no longer support a windows client, but we figured the web interface was the most portable client tool of them all. We are almost done with a X client written in GTK which we will be releasing soon after this package.
GnuDIP 2.0.2. Fixed bugs in the install script
GnuDIP 2.0.3. Added offline functionality. Self registration complete. Minor bug fixes.
GnuDIP 2.0.4. Fixed some bugs that allowed hostnames named didn't like. Added wild card matching in restricted usernames. Allow own html file as a header for the login page.
GnuDIP 2.0.5. Added logging features to All central configuration is kept in /etc/gnudip.conf and security regarding has been improved thanks to Randolph Chung of Debain (Expect a Debian package on the web page soon). Fixed several minor bugs
GnuDIP 2.0.6. Fixed a possible security hole. install has better environment checking. Debian package now available.
GnuDIP 2.1.0. Swiched to MD5 based encryption to be more protable. Added multiple domain support, and all domain options are configurable per domain. Moved gdip-named and cron entries internal to gdips, so now the interval it updates your zonefiles can be much smaller.
GnuDIP 2.1.1. Bug fixes.
GnuDIP 2.1.2. Bug fixes in

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