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GnuDIP Client for Windows

By Andrea Russo

This software was written using Borland Delphi 6 Personal Edition, and ICS component (Internet Component Suite) made by François Piette, which can be downloaded from ICS - Internet Component Suite (ICS is also available in a Kylix version).

The update protocol used is the HTTP based protocol.

This program doesn't use the Windows registry. The options are saved in the file dynclient.ini, in the same directory as the program. In this file the URL parameter is the URL for the update server. If a GnuDIP site operator follows the default installation procedure, the path part of the URL (the part after the host name) for the HTTP update server CGI script will be /gnudip/cgi-bin/gdipupdt.cgi.

It would be interesting if someone were disposed to develop a version of this program for Kylix.

Download the source code --> Download (14 K)

Download GnuDIP Client for Windows
(Binary version 2.2 freeware) ---> Download (265 K)

GnuDIP Client running

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